Wicker furniture for childrens rooms


Written by Wicker Paradise

Most parents may think that wicker furniture is not a suitable option for a child’s room. However, with many wicker stores introducing children’s furniture, you may find that you are spoiled for choice. Wicker furniture can work well in homes follow a shabby chic or in those that our modern. To make is easier to buy wicker furniture for your child, browse the web for a few designs before visiting a store. Here are a few wicker furniture options that can be added to any child’s room.

  1. Wicker children’s beds – Wicker kids beds come in a variety of designs and sizes. If you’re looking to style your child’s nursery, a comfy wicker crib is a good choice. Since in most cases you may want to move your crib from one room to another, a wicker crib can be light and versatile. For an older child’s bed, look for ones with a sturdy headboard. Designs in traditional wicker are classic, but other options include white, blue or yellow.
  1. Wicker chairs – A wicker chair can be a good option for a nursery. In this case choose a wicker rocking chair to help to soothe and breastfeed a newborn. For an older child’s room a large low wicker chair that is suitable for your child height and weight is a good choice. Since wicker is light, your child can easily move his/her chair themselves.
  1. Wicker Closet – Wicker closets are great for a newborn baby’s room as they usually are designed with lots of shelving. This makes it easier to store smaller items of clothing. For older children use wicker in the form of easy to pull out baskets. In this case you will have to make a wooden frame and buy the wicker baskets separately.

It is best to choose natural wicker made of cane, rattan, bamboo, willow or seagrass furniture as these will have less chemicals used on them.


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