Why Treasure Garden Is One of the Best Brands for Patio Umbrellas

The umbrella company Treasure Garden deems itself “the world’s favorite shade,” and for good reason. Treasure Garden umbrellas have garnered widespread appeal with their vibrantly colored fabrics, sturdy and versatile designs, and continually improving capabilities. For these reasons, Treasure Garden umbrellas also make a great addition to your backyard or patio.

Treasure Garden’s first products were handcrafted shade umbrellas. The brand’s designs and technology have come a long way since the first Treasure Garden products were sold in 1984. Today, they sell products such as cantilever umbrellas, auto tilt and glide tilt umbrellas, and even classic-style umbrellas with quad pulley lifts. Treasure Garden also sells helpful accessories such as umbrella lights.

With an abundance of options, customers can choose the products that are the best fit for their patio’s needs. Do you enjoy outdoor dining under the stars late at night? Then you might prefer a cantilever umbrella with LED lights or a more simple design with an added light accessory. More colorful cantilever umbrellas might be a better fit for large patios used for afternoon lounging. Because cantilever umbrellas use a stable offset base, they provide more space for dining sets and other pieces of furniture.

When purchasing Treasure Garden umbrellas from retailers such as Wicker Paradise, customers can also choose which fabrics and finishes to apply to their umbrellas. From vivid solid colors to colorful striped patterns, these customizable color schemes can blend well with the aesthetic themes expressed through customers’ patio decor.

With a helpful blend of functionality, customizability, and design, Treasure Garden umbrellas are a worthy choice for shade and protection from sunlight and rain.