Trends From 2014 That Are Here To Stay

Article Written by : Gardening For You

Even though 2014 is long gone, there are some trends that we saw in the past year that are bound to remain in even during this year. This is quite fortunate, especially for those who have revamped their spaces following 2014’s trends. The list below depicts some of the most popular trends from last year that are definitely here to stay.

Light-Colored Wood
Light-colored furniture add so much elegance and light to a room, especially when paired with pastel wall colors. These types of furniture are especially suited for kitchens. They give the impression of airiness when added to small spaces.

Contrary to the light-colored wood, brass-colored furniture adorn bigger spaces and procure an effect of oriental royalty. This might be due to the fact that the color bears so much resemblance to gold enamels. Brass covered pieces look especially good against darker walls and floorings. They might not look so good in smaller spaces though.

The marble is yet another noble material to have around the house. This is mostly suited for kitchen countertops but might also be used on walls. When chosen in light colors such as light grays and off whites, these marbles adorn walls perfectly. Marble might also be your go-to material for a luxury bathroom.

Black Kitchens
The black kitchen is trendy provided that you have a large space. Otherwise the dark color would do nothing apart from killing the impression of space. The black kitchen is very bold and is a favorite choice for bachelor houses.