The Three Major Areas of a Sofa to Check For Structural Issues

sofa-and-cushionsIf you feel that your sofa is on its way to breaking, check the three specific areas of the couch.

If you want to determine the condition or state that your sofa is in, there are a variety of different features of the furniture piece that you’ll have to look at – which is the cushion filling, the frame, and the seat support. All three of these play a different role in the overall functionality of the sofa.

The Frame

The first thing that you’ll want to look at is the frame. This essentially determines the overall durability of the entire sofa. And, with sofa frames continuously being made of different types of word, you’ll want to always check to see if there are significant cracks or bends in the wood.

Cushion Filling

Depending on the type of couch foam that you purchase, you might notice that it’s one of the first parts of the sofa that begins to wear out. If you think about it, it’s constantly being shifted around due to body weight, and the amount of wear that it endures day in and day out is substantial. One of the best ways to obtain the most out of your couch is to purchase new cushions for it. And, it’s also fairly easy to change when need to replace them.

Seat Support

The core of the sofa is the seating support. How you can determine whether or not the seat support is giving way is to sit on different areas of the couch. If you start to hear creaks and minor ticks, it’s a sign that there is bending that is occurring inside.

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