The pros and cons of latex mattresses

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

When it comes to mattresses, the natural latex mattress has one of the highest satisfaction ratings. However, they may still not be for everyone. As always, there are trade-offs. Below, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses:


As the memory foam bed, there is a high level of comfort. Also, latex beds provide pain relief and support that reduces or prevents pain.

Latex is highly durable, with all-latex mattresses outlasting all other types by as long as seven years. Also, even with that durability, latex mattresses are also bio-degradable.

There is also limited or no off-gassing. This is great for people who are sensitive to the off-gassing smell from such products. Since natural latex has almost no chemicals, there is nothing to break down and release gasses.

Lastly, latex beds are customizable. The customer can request specific dimensions along with different layering for more comfort or more support.


The primary disadvantage reported is heat. With closed cell foams, the issue tends to be worse, with the least issues with all-latex models.

Another big disadvantage is cost. Natural latex mattresses tend to be expensive. The material itself is costly, so it is sold at a higher premium.

Lastly, people who switched from a spring mattress complain of excessive firmness. It is good to check the ILD of the foam in use before, so you can make an educated decision on how firm you want the bed.


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