The different types of garage doors

superiorgaragedoorsatalanta2Here is a handy list and description of the various types of garage doors available. This might come in handy when replacing an existing door. Sometimes rather than call a garage door repair Buford GA, it is more economical to replace it.

Canopy Up and Over

This is the most popular type of garage door on the market today. It is good for areas of about eight feet wide. It is called the canopy as once opened about 30% of the door sticks out over the front of the garage.

Retractable Up and Over

These are also very popular. This is due to the ease of conversion to remote control and because they are known to be more reliable than some of the other options. This type of garage door can handle widths greater than eight feet.

Sectional Garage Door

This is a garage door with sections that can band over the running frame. This is growing in popularity as there is no protrusion and it does not swing outwards when opening unlike the above which swing out as they open.

Roller Shutter Door

Another good option, here individual horizontal slats constructed from either steel or aluminum roll up and down on a barrel. There is no swing out and most of these are also remotely operated.

These are the most popular options available in the market. With a bit of maintenance and garage door opener repair Atlanta, you can make these last years.