Styling Your Coffee Table

Article written by : Your Home Improvement

The coffee table is undeniably at the heart of the living room. You might use it to keep your magazines, display a nice vase and might even eat your meals on it. If you feel that your table might be needing some styling, the tips below might come handy.

Display A Favorite Collection
Since the living room is the central piece of the living room, you might take it one step further by using it to display your favorite collection. It might be books, boxes, vases or souvenirs collected from your travels. The key is to add some of your personality to the furniture.

Put A Throw On It
If you want to provide an ethnic feel to your room without necessarily spending a lot, you might consider putting a throw on your coffee table. A nice idea to perfectly balance the design would be to add couches in vintage floral patterns. You might also drape your coffee table with an Indian throw. This would provide a sense of comfort to the room.

Layer With A Tray
If you have a large coffee table, you might want to cut down the effect of vastness with a tray placed on top of the table. The tray is also convenient to keep items that you might often be unable to find – such as remote controls or keys.

Natural Elements
Natural elements such as antique wooden bowls, animal horns or stones add a historical feel to the living room. These decorative elements look particularly good in living rooms bearing minimalist decorations.