Spruce Up Guest Bedrooms With These Tips

When you move into a new home, every room holds promise. If you’re fortunate enough to have a guest bedroom, these rooms often become storage. The door gets closed, never to be heard from again. Avoid hiding an unsightly mess by sprucing up the guest room and keeping it ready for whatever you need.

Affordable Bedding

One of the most affordable beds you can make consists of a polyurethane foam mattress with a box spring on a floating bed stand. You’ll need to build the stand, which is just a basic square shape of sturdy wood boards and supports, but the finished product can be modified to your liking. Give it a custom paint job to match your room’s aesthetics, or string some LED lights below the mattress for ambient lighting.

If you have an old spring lying around, you can add some extra support with memory foam bed toppers. If you don’t need to invest in a new bed or bed stand, you just saved yourself hundreds of dollars.

Fixing Guest Room Problems

Guest rooms have some inherent issues because they aren’t lived in. Some of those issues, like dust build up, come down to how often you clean the space. Others, like stale sheets, require a bit of foresight and planning before the guest room is used. Make sure your room is equipped with some basic comfort items too, like an air filter and blackout curtains.

Another problem guest rooms suffer from is sound. Because these rooms aren’t usually lived in, they often don’t have great acoustics. If your neighborhood has a barking dog or a loud engine, that echo will reverberate throughout the room. You can stash some flexible polyurethane foam panels along the walls to try and absorb sound reverberating off the empty walls. Another strategy to reduce this echo is a throw rug in the middle of a wood floor. It’s far less expensive than carpeting the room, which is the ultimate tool in helping to disperse sound.

 Final Thoughts

Guest rooms are usually the last space to get a makeover when a new couple moves into a house, mostly because it’s expensive to add furniture. Try not to get overwhelmed, and add a bit of furniture every few months until your room looks sufficiently lived in. No house gets the way it is over night.
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