Six ways to decorate your living room for Christmas

Holidays are mostly spent in the living room, where the entire family comes together to cook, eat and relax. Here are some simple yet beautiful ideas that will transform your living room.

Swedish style Christmas decor – Scandinavian style décor is airy and light, but with elements of red, green and white, this simple palette will make your living room a Christmas wonderland.

Fresh and fun Christmas décor – Look at adding wreaths in unexpected places like your staircase, doorways, and walls to create a fresh space that is green and calming.

Traditional Christmas décor – If you own antique furniture, traditional Christmas décor will work best. Look at adding garlands in classic colors like green, red and gold to create a festive backdrop to your space.

White Christmas décor – All white Christmases are delightful and never boring. Look at adding twinkling lights and candles to add a warm glow. If you want to add a bit of color, include a few bright colored Lloyd and Flanders replacement cushions to your neutral space.

Playful holiday color palette – If you are a rebel and like to move away from a traditional Christmas color palette, look at playing with different colors. Wicker Paradise suggests colors like lime green, bright pink and rich yellow to add a cheerful twist to your space.

A farmhouse Christmas – Keeping your space simple, is also a great way to stay within budget and create a space that is sophisticated and elegant. If you have a fireplace, look at creating your Christmas décor around this space. Consider adding some candles, a simple Christmas tree, and stocking to create an elegant space.