Is acoustic foam really soundproof?

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Many people with home studios or home theaters have identified acoustic foam panels as sound proofing foam products that are effective for reducing room noise and unwanted echoes. While this is true, acoustic foam panels don’t technically soundproof a room. Instead, they increase the sound quality within a room by absorbing unwanted reverberations.

Sound absorption is different from soundproofing for several reasons. Soundproofing usually carries the connotation of blocking sound from entering or leaving a room entirely. This is helpful for isolating sound within a room, but on its own, it is not ideal for home theaters and home recording studios because the sound waves inside a room will still bounce off its walls, reverberating throughout its space.

Good recording studios and theaters will use a mix of sound absorption and sound blocking for the best possible audio quality. Sound blocking will prevent outside noises from interrupting your work or entertainment, while sound absorption will make sure your recording or movie sounds as clear and high quality as possible.

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