How to properly care for wicker furniture

Written by Wicker Paradise

Here is a quick guide on how to care for your wicker chairs and furniture:

Dust free – Regularly vacuum wicker furniture to keep it dust free. Prevent damage during the vacuuming by using the soft bristle attachment. If there are tough bits of debris stuck in the crevices, use a new paintbrush and brush them out.

Clean – When you need to clean the set properly, use a spray hose and a little bit of detergent. Rinse the detergent off and leave it to dry properly before using it again. Ideally air dry the furniture in the sun.

Humidity – When dealing with older wicker pieces like antique wicker, it is important to maintain proper humidity levels. If it is too dry, the wicker can become brittle and the if it’s too damp, there might be mold and mildew.

Seats – You can add to the lifetime of your wicker furniture by using padded chair cushions. With patio furniture replacement cushions, you can get a new look every season.

Mold – Clean mold and mildew from wicker as soon as you see it. Clean the mold first using a vacuum with a soft brush. Then brush away debris and wash and rinse the furniture. Once you finish cleaning, leave it to dry. Do not use the furniture until completely dry, which might be about two to three days.


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