How to choose wicker furniture

5Written by Wicker Paradise

When it comes to wicker furniture, there are different brands, styles, types etc that can be extremely confusing. All of these differentiators can take the price from several hundred to upwards of ten thousand. Here are the two primary things to look out for when choosing wicker chairs or other wicker furniture:

The materials

The cheaper wicker furniture is actually made out of plastic. This plastic tends to tear and get damaged and ultimate begins to unravel after sometime. It also looks cheaper and feels artificial. It will look shiny and is also likely to stick when seated.

Quality wicker on other hand is made out of Polyethylene. It is a eco friendly synthetic resin. These are infused with inhibitors that prevent fading from long term exposure to the sun. You will not have issues with cracking, fading or any issues with exposure to the elements.


Here is something that very few people would have guessed: wicker furniture is hand woven done a few rows at time. They buy their wicker furniture, with their lloyd flanders cushions thinking that these are all machine made. The low cost methods involve doing around ten rows at a time. Doing so many results in the weave straying from one side to another. This is because once woven, these strands cannot be adjusted.


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