Garage Door Options

2There are a host of options by garage door company atlanta. But making a choice in terms of the type of garage door can confuse most. Here are some garage door options that you should consider before your purchase.

Decorative accents – If you have a closed garage with low lighting, you should include decorative accents that will help to bring daylight to your garage. You could choose windows with single glazing, insulated doors or dual glazing.

Garage door springs – The doors that tilt upwards use extension springs. These stretch and recoil at the side of the garage door. In terms of sectional doors the shaft spring and drum are across the top of the door. The advantage of these torsion springs is that the weight of the door is better distributed, making the door less likely to break due to wind. However, torsion springs are more expensive than extension springs.

Garage door openers – The most convenient and safe garage door openers are automatic operators. Most garage door installation atlanta, recommend automatic openers. Other options available include; Photoelectric safety devices, which stop the door from closing, if something is obstructing the door. The transmitters are miniature and easily fit a standard key chain. Apart from these options, some remotes can operate appliances and lights in your garage.

Material – Wood is a classic option, as it can be easily customized, but is not as long lasting as other materials. Steel is a strong, low maintenance material and presently very popular.