Exterior Design Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

Exterior-Design-Tips-to-Make-Your-Home-Stand-OutWritten by Remodeling Home Improvements

Have you ever wondered what makes a house truly stand out from the others? Is it the vibrancy of the colors? Maybe it’s the aesthetic balance of the exterior design. Whatever it may be, don’t ever believe that you too can’t turn your home into a jaw-dropping masterpiece.

In order to make your home more visually appealing, there are certain design principles that you should follow. This includes everything from following symmetrical patterns to using color combinations that work best with each other. Look at your home like it’s a blank canvas. Only by slowly putting together the pieces will you enhance the overall visual appeal.

What is Your Home’s Purpose?

What do you plan to use your home for? Consider you and your family’s needs and then decide what would work best from a design standpoint. Although this might sound like it’s catering more towards interior design, your exterior should actually be matching the interior.

House Textures

The great thing about exterior home design is that you have numerous options to work with. While it’s always nice to have an aesthetically pleasing design, you’re going to want to incorporate durability in it as well. A windy day could ruin months of hard work.

The materials for your home’s exterior should reflect your personal style and preference. There are a variety of online visual tools that will show you what your home would look like with certain pieces added. For example, if you’re struggling to decide between using vinyl sidings over cedar shingles, these tools will give you either a 2D or 3D visual showing what it’ll look with either or.

Exterior Colorway

The color of your home might be one of the most visually difficult things to picture. Do you go bold or basic? How vibrant do you want your trim to be? There are several ways that you can go about choosing the right colors. To stay safe, take three color strips. Each strip should be slightly a few shades apart from each other. This allows you to play around with your home’s visual look. The power of color plays a role in emphasizing certain aspects of your home such as your exterior doors or windows.

Your Entryway Should Shine

Your entryway is your home’s first impression and should stand out, to a certain extent of course. There are plenty of features that you can add to increase the overall appeal of the entryway like a new door knob or some lighting fixtures. There’s even the possibility of looking into a line of custom doors to add that much-needed flair.

Color also plays a significant role in your frontal façade. Use the same technique and match three color strips around your front entryway to see which visually matches your exterior design the most.