Designing a Comfortable Living Room

Written by Wicker Paradise


Basically a living room should be comfortable as this would be the place in your home where you would go to in order to relax or to be entertained. This would also be the place where you would be receiving guests. Some of the tips below might help you make this room more comfortable.


Natural tones and fabrics

Generally choosing natural color tones and textural fabrics would add some warmth to your room. These fabrics also make the space look inviting and comfortable. You might opt for these types of fabrics for your cushions covers.



Furniture is normally perceived as the main comfort factor in a room. Some plush or upholstered furniture would give a cozy feel to your home. In a living room for example, opting for wicker furniture would give an elegant look. A huge wicker sofa would also be inviting for your friends and family.


Vintage Touches

Whether you already had some classic vintage pieces that you have been keeping since forever or whether you decide to purchase vintage-inspired items does not matter. These types of accessories undeniably add charm to any room. You might consider browsing through flea markets, thrift or antique stores if you are in search of unique vintage pieces for your home.



The feeling of comfort is related to the perception of space. You might want to keep your living room looking spacious by choosing the right size of furniture as per the space available. Ideally the room should look visually spacious to procure the feeling of comfort.


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