Color Trends For 2018

Article written by : Synthetic Wicker & Rattan

Each new year brings along an array of trends in terms of styles, colors and patterns. The list below sorts out some of the color trends that you might surely be seeing in 2018.

Greek Blue
In 2018, if you feel like inviting the Mediterranean to your home, you might want to start with colors. The Greek Blue color paired with whites would give the perfect impression that you are indeed in the Mediterranean. This color also goes well with grey and pink.

60s Shades
If you were born in the 60s and are missing its colors or are just a fan of the era, you might want to start cheering. 60s colors such as the olive green and orange have been brought to life this year.

Sour Green With Blue
These two colors contrast perfectly well and are a vibrant take on the classic green and blue combination. You might consider wallpapers blending the two colors for a dining room. This would give a fresh and bold look to the room.

Pastel Palettes
Colors from the past would definitely be seen a lot during this year. The pastel palettes typical of the 80s would be getting a lot of attention in 2015. These are joyous color combinations and the most notable ones are in the range of aqua, pink flamingos and green palm trees palettes.

Neutral Gray
Sometimes classics cannot be beaten. Neutral shades of gray would be trendy this year and are mostly suited to procure an elegant and toned down feel to a room.