Choosing the Proper Foam for Your Couch

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Don’t throw out your old furniture, not when you can reupholster it and bring it back to its former glory. You need to be a bit DIY savvy, but you can order sofa seat cushions made of foam that are custom cut to the size you need, so most of the hard work is done for you. The challenge becomes choosing just the right kind of cushion for your couch. Read on for advice on how to choose the best cushion.

Find the Right Shape

Most couches will need a square or rectangle cushion, but what if you have a t-rounded cushion or a window seat? These special shapes require precise measurements, so they aren’t something you’ll want to cut on your own. Even though foam feels like it’s easy to cut with a box cutter or blade, the reality is that foam cushions are difficult for the amateur to shape and cut without a lot of rough edges. Oder your cushions custom-cut to the size you need and save yourself the trouble.

Softness is Important

Poly foam is about medium firmness, good for an hour or two but maybe not much longer. This kind of foam isn’t good for sitting on, but it might prove useful as lumbar support or in seat backs. For sitting, you might consider super soft foam that is more reactive to the body.

Get a Quote Before You Buy

Take rough measurements of your couch, how many chair cushions you will need and start looking at your options for foam. Even if all you have to go in is the shape of your couch, you might be able to get some answers about common sizes.