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Is acoustic foam really soundproof?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory Many people with home studios or home theaters have identified acoustic foam panels as sound proofing foam products that are effective for reducing room noise and unwanted echoes. While this is true, acoustic foam panels don’t technically soundproof a

Use Custom Cushions to Prevent Pressure Sores

Blog provided by The Foam Factory If you are someone you know is a bed or wheelchair-ridden adult, you may be prone to developing pressure sores on your skin. These ulcers appear when a person stays in one position for too long, and their chair

What to do about dust mites in your mattress

Blog by The Foam Factory You might have heard the stories about dust mites making their homes in beds and pillows. You might have read that these microscopic creatures are triggers for allergic reactions and asthma. If you find yourself dealing with a bad case