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Is acoustic foam really soundproof?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory Many people with home studios or home theaters have identified acoustic foam panels as sound proofing foam products that are effective for reducing room noise and unwanted echoes. While this is true, acoustic foam panels don’t technically soundproof a

Use Custom Cushions to Prevent Pressure Sores

Blog provided by The Foam Factory If you are someone you know is a bed or wheelchair-ridden adult, you may be prone to developing pressure sores on your skin. These ulcers appear when a person stays in one position for too long, and their chair

Electronic Entertainment Gift Ideas for this X-mas

Blog provided by Curacao There’s a wealth of options for electronic entertainment gifts available for this Christmas. Need to find the right ones for your friends and loved ones? Here are a few of our choices. Streaming Media Players Streaming media players are a great

Creating A Stylish Master Bedroom

Article by Paint Coatings The bedroom is more than just the place where you sleep, especially if you are lucky enough to have a master bedroom. With some simple steps you might be able to give the place even more style and functionality enabling you

Exterior Design Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

Written by Remodeling Home Improvements Have you ever wondered what makes a house truly stand out from the others? Is it the vibrancy of the colors? Maybe it’s the aesthetic balance of the exterior design. Whatever it may be, don’t ever believe that you too

What to do about dust mites in your mattress

Blog by The Foam Factory You might have heard the stories about dust mites making their homes in beds and pillows. You might have read that these microscopic creatures are triggers for allergic reactions and asthma. If you find yourself dealing with a bad case

Top Ways to Decorate Your Old Patio

Summary: Patios are one of the most gorgeous parts of a home. Renovating it can be a hassle if you aren’t prepared. Many homeowners fail to realize that their patios can be an extremely gorgeous section of a home. With the right adjustments and furniture