Three Tips to Help Expedite Construction Claims

Unexpected delays can wreak havoc on a construction schedule. If you’re a party in a construction-related lawsuit, you want the lawsuit resolved as quickly as possible. Here are three tips from Lyle Charles to help expedite your construction claim:

Work with a consultant

A construction claims consultant can help you determine the value of the claim. They are the experts, and they have years of experience evaluating cases like yours. Their honest opinion about your case can help you form realistic expectations and even brainstorm solutions as you move forward in your case.

Take advantage of mediation

Mediation is a facilitated process that lets you sit down with the other side of the lawsuit to talk about the case. You have the time and flexibility to try to reach a resolution outside of court. This can include agreeing on a schedule to complete the construction project. Working with a trained mediator in a private mediation setting can help you explore solutions that resolve the case before it even heads to trial.

Work with management

When construction doesn’t happen on schedule, the result is often a lawsuit. Construction delays can be excusable or inexcusable depending on the cause of the delay. You might need to work with your management team to expedite your work schedule and finish the project as quickly as possible. Construction delay claims are avoidable if there’s a plan to fill in for management and make adjustments for unexpected problems.